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Pier and Beam Repair

cement beams of the house

Pier and beam foundations, as well as crawl space foundations, are among the most common to be found in modern households. They have proven to be highly beneficial types of foundations for much more than just supporting homes, allowing them to remain cool, higher off the ground, and more sustainable long term. However, they also incur numerous unique issues, which have been known to lead to damages and defects. And many of these can threaten a structure’s integrity and cause numerous different issues. But the good news for you is that if you ever have to suffer from any of these, we will be there for you. Here at Lancaster Foundation Repair, we offer comprehensive pier and beam and crawl space foundation repairs solutions, at prices that every homeowner can afford.

Installing New Piers 

One of the most immediately effective ways to reconstruct a failing pier and beam foundation is to fit new piers beneath the property. New concrete piers will immediately give greater strength and support to a structure, allowing the weight to be more evenly spread and negating the effects of any damages or settlements. It is a surefire solution and one, that our team can help you do best. All you need to do is allow us to inspect the condition of your foundations and customize a certain solution using our state-of-the-art concrete products and other components.

Reshimming and Wood Replacements 

Or, if we find that the issue being caused is due to the state of the wooden beams in place, we can offer you a variety of solutions to rectify these. In some cases, it proves more beneficial to install new wooden replacements, when the previous beams have begun to warp, wear, and damage. Or, if some beams have started to move out of position or have become dislocated, it will nearly always be more suitable to offer you our reshimming service. Both methods are guaranteed to make a difference and when we ensure they are properly tailored, we can promise you that you will reap the fullest benefits.

Crawl Space Restoration 

If you have a fully-fledged crawl space beneath your home that has started to rupture, damage, disintegrate or succumb to any other kind of issue, it may instead be more prudent to offer you our full crawl space restoration service. Our team can take the time to identify the precise nature of the issues that your crawl space is suffering from and precisely layout a restoration plan, using our premium range of materials. Just leave it to us and we will ensure that even the most severe issues are put right without any difficulty.


Or, if there has been an obvious amount of settlement taking place with your foundation and your property is beginning to show the effects, we will opt for a more drastic solution. Our underpinning repairs solutions are the most definite way to reintroduce strength and stability to your foundations, with long-lasting effects. Once again, just allow us to tailor a solution in underpinning and we will ensure that your foundations are reinforced fully, for maximum restoration.

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