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House Leveling

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At Lancaster Foundation Repair, we offer the most comprehensive foundation construction and restoration services anywhere in the city of Lancaster. We offer specialist solutions that few others can compare to, with immense ability and precision. And one of these such services is our house leveling service. Few teams anywhere in the surrounding region can offer the same immaculate house leveling solutions that we can and certainly cannot promise the same detail in planning and precise execution. Therefore, if you ever find that you require any house leveling solutions, you can bet that we have the means to help you do just that. Simply contact us detailing your specific needs and allow us to deliver you the aid that you require.

House Leveling SolutionsĀ 

Settlement can be one of the most devastating things to affect a home. When severe settlement begins to take place, it can cause your entire property to sink, lose its integral and structural balance, and ultimately, will lead to a collapse. The issues can be dyer but that does not mean that there is not something that can be done. Our team offers the ideal solutions in the form of house leveling to correct any such issues and has found an immense amount of success in doing so over the years.


At the same time, we offer our clients underpinning solutions, which can be equally as effective in countering the effects of foundation settlement. Underpinning is the process of pinning piers beneath the foundations of a home at precise intervals and depths, to reinforce the foundations that are already in place. It has brought us just as much success for our clients over the years and has proven to be a sustainable, longevous solution in many cases. So, if we find that this particular method is going to be more suitable for your specific needs, you can rest assured that we will deliver it with the utmost quality, care, and accuracy, every time.

House Raising and Lifting

In addition to our settlement response services, our team can also offer you comprehensive house raising and lifting solutions. If settlement has taken place, you want to create more room beneath the base of your property, or you are planning to fit a new basement, these are the services that are going to help you achieve what it is that you need. And, with our state-of-the-art equipment and systematic methodology, we know that we can achieve the exact adjustments that you need to make, in order to comply with your plans.

Precision SolutionsĀ 

Precision is the name of our game, no matter which of these services proves to be right for you. So, whenever you decide to come to us for any house leveling or lifting solutions, you know that you will be supported by the very best. All it takes is understanding the needs that you have, and our team will be capable of executing a project that aids you in the ideal way. So, contact us today and trust your needs to us, here at Lancaster Foundation Repair.

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