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Commercial Foundation Repair

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At Lancaster Foundation Repair, we have an outstanding reputation for providing the highest caliber foundation repairs solutions anywhere in the city of Lancaster. We are an incredibly reputable company, with the means and resources to deliver precise and sustainable restoration solutions in even the most complex of circumstances. From general commercial property foundation repairs to industrial standards of restoration, we can do it all. Therefore, if you represent a commercial body and require these same ambitious standards of foundation repair, never feel that you have to hesitate to get in contact with us. Simply give us a call explaining the nature of your inquiry and we would be glad to provide you with the solution that you have been searching for.

Concrete Base Structure Foundations

Concrete foundations are among the most common that we service, meaning that we can promise you both experience and expertise with every type of concrete foundation. No matter the specific form that yours takes, we can tailor an effective fix to its nature and give it a comprehensive restoration. From minor cracks and fractures to settling and spalling, we can assure you of a comprehensive fix for any type of issue. Simply allow us to inspect the state of your concrete foundation and we can assure you that we will recover any kind of problem.

Concrete Slab FoundationsĀ 

Equally, if you have a concrete slab fitted beneath your commercial property, you can depend on us for the same high-grade repairs. Concrete slab foundation repairs are one of our specialties, meaning that you will always be in good hands when you trust your repairs to us. Once again, no matter whether your slab is plagued by cracks and surface damages or you have found that it is in urgent need of slab jacking, we will always find the way to return full quality to the fixture, without any hesitation.

Pier and Beam RepairsĀ 

Just as much so, if you have a pier and beam foundation installed or a crawl space fixture beneath your property, we can assure you of the same fully comprehensive solutions. We have a great deal of expertise to offer you with these types of foundations and can remedy any type of issue, with ease. From pier replacements to reshimming, wood replacements to crawl space refurbishment, we can promise you the most effective foundation repairs services, whenever you require them.

Foundation Underpinning

And, if your foundations have suffered from severe settlement and are now sitting in an imbalanced position that simply will not sustain itself, we can offer you our underpinning solutions. Underpinning is one of the most certain ways to reinforce your foundations and could be the ideal solution to your specific concerns. We use the highest caliber materials and components to deliver the most effective underpinning solutions, meaning whenever we bring this service to you, you can have faith in its efficacy. So, if you are faced with any serious foundation issues and want to make a sure fix, you know we are the ones to call.

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