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Slab Foundation Repair

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Some of the most common kinds of foundations found in modern homes and properties today are concrete slab foundations. With a proven record for being strong, durable, and reliable, they are one of the very best that money can buy. However, although they are incredibly dependable, they can still succumb to damages and defects. When issues start to arise, they can leave you with serious issues, which only continue to worsen the longer that they are left without a solution. So, if you one day find that your concrete slab foundation is suffering from some kind of damage, you need to make sure that you do something about it, fast. Fortunately, you have come to the best place in Lancaster for just that, by choosing us, here at Lancaster Foundation Repair.

Cracked Slab Repair 

Finding cracks, fractures, and other types of surface and structural damage done to your foundations is unfortunately common. These kinds of defects can occur due to a number of reasons, ranging from an imbalanced spread of weight to shifting terrain beneath the surface. And although most cracks are usually nothing too serious, if they are left to augment and become more severe, they can begin to cause you some more troubling issues. Luckily for you, our team can help you put right any such damages with our ultra-reliable slab crack repair and restoration solutions. Simply allow us to tailor an appropriate fix and in no time at all, we know we will have your slab back to its best.

Settlement Repair and Slab Jacking           

Another common kind of issue that our clients face with their concrete slab foundations is settlement problems. When shifting terrain, climate conditions, and other issues below the surface of the earth affect your foundations, they can cause a severe concern in settlement. This can leave an entire structure negatively balanced and that can incur a plethora of disconcerting issues for the stability of your property. However, these can be corrected with a carefully planned and precise settlement repair, which we can offer to you in the form of slab jacking.

Sealing and Patching 

Additionally, we can offer all our clients sealing and patching solutions, to help keep water and moisture from penetrating the surface of your concrete foundations. Water damage can be some of the most devastating when not properly treated, leading to serious weaknesses in your fixture. So, if there are obvious signs of penetration with yours, the best thing that you can do is take advantage of our leading seal and patch solutions.

Piering Repair

Or, in more challenging circumstances, our crew may opt to deliver you our piering repair solutions, instead. A reliable and longevous way to support your failing foundations, steel piering has been proven to reverse the effects of settlement, sinking, and other severe foundation issues. You can give your entire property a wealth of additional stability, without disrupting the space around. All it takes is contacting us as early as you possibly can and trusting in our fantastic solutions.

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